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Photography as an art form by Edward Steichen

“The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each to himself,” Edward Steichen theorized.


He attempt and ultimate success to gain recognition for photography as an art form. In 1911 Steichen shot the latest collection of couturier Poiret for teh magazine Art et Decoration, which is now generally regarded as the 1st ever fashion shoot.


 During the First World War, Steichen was posted to Europe to run the aerial photography division of the American Expeditionary Force, and he remained there until 1919. The clarity of the aerial photographs convinced Steichen to change his style and embrace the clear, sharp images that cameras could make.


He abandoned the soft-focus and heavy retouching of his earlier work. In 1923, Steichen received his first major break as a photographer, when he became chief photographer for Condé Nast Publications.


For the next fifteen years he took fashion photographs for Vogue and portraits for Vanity Fair, becoming hugely influential in both fields. His portraits of Gloria Swanson (1924) and Greta Garbo (1928), for example, have become icons in the history of photography.


“Миссия фотографии – объяснить человека человеку и каждого самому себе”, – теоретизировал Эдвард Стейхен.


Он пытался и в конечном итоге обрел успех,  получив признание фотографии как художественной формы. В 1911 году Стейхен снял последнюю коллекцию couturier Poiret для журнала Art et Decoration, который в настоящее время, как правило, считается 1-й фешн сьемкой в истории моды.


Во время Первой мировой войны Стейхен был отправлен в командировку в Европу для управления отделом аэрофотосъёмки Американского экспедиционного корпуса, и он оставался там до 1919 года. Ясность аэрофотоснимков убедила Стейхена изменить свой стиль и обхватить четкие, острые изображения, которые могли сделать камеры.


Он отказался от своей мягкой фокусировки и тяжелой ретуши которарая присутствовала в более ранних работах. В 1923 году Стейшен получил свой первый крупный прорыв в качестве фотографа, когда стал главным фотографом “Conde Nast Publications”.


Следующие пятнадцать лет он создавал фотографии моды для Vogue и портреты для Vanity Fair, став чрезвычайно влиятельным в обеих областях. Его портреты Глории Свонсон (1924) и Греты Гарбо (1928), например, стали иконами в истории фотографии.


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My Interview with Giuseppe Zanotti: Creator of the Sexiest Shoes on Earth

Giuseppe, can you describe your designing process: from an idea to the creation of a shoe?

G. Z.: My favourite way is to start from a simple sketch. I would take an empty paper. It’s very important, a white piece of paper. Your ambition is to realize something on it — whatever. And you design a line, simple line (Giuseppe takes a pencil and draws a shape of a high heel shoe).

Beautiful, you’ve made it in five seconds!

G. Z.: It’s not a technical sketch, it’s just a line. And you know that after 2 hours you can always add something to it: metal, or flowers, or diamonds, or nothing. Or you can do a flat version of the same shoe. So this is the first exercise: to put your ideas onto a white paper. Then you need to write a story for your shoe, like for a movie, to insert it to the whole marketing strategy. And then the realization begins: you need to find materials, shape it, develop first prototypes, cut the leather, do the stitching and then correct it with scissors in hand made mode. And then, if your blood becomes worn by people, then it’s a good shoe. If not, it’s just garbage!

Do you have some hobby apart from your work, like sports, art, hunting?

G. Z.: I’m a bit allergic to sports. I even don’t care about football too much, unlike the majority of Italians. Sometimes I exercise though, about 2 times a week, but it’s always a torture for me, and my coach is my enemy who wants to kill me because I’m cancelling my appointments all the time! I do like art, and I visit lots of museums while travelling for work. I’m inspired by the past and history. I’m collecting contemporary and photography. I also like nature: at home, I have an organic biological garden with cucumbers, watermelons, salad, eggplants and olive trees to produce my own oil. I’m happy when I’m close to nature and animals.

Do you think that photography is real art? Who are your favourite photographers?

G. Z.: I think that photography is a unique medium to catch the atmosphere, the soul, the blood. A good photo should stay with me like a friend, I like having it at home to find inspiration in it all the time. But I don’t appreciate something too strong or too raw. For me, Helmut Newton was a great artist; I find lots of power of women and love in his work. I admire Richard Avedon for elegance as well. I also enjoy a lot the work of my friends who are famous Italian photographers, like Maurizio Galimberti and Carlo Benvenuto.

How do you choose photographers for your ad campaigns?

G. Z.: First of all, they need to capture what your product represents, to render the mood and the idea of the collection. Creating an ad campaign or a look book, it’s always about teamwork. You should have a good art director and stylist to transmit the concept behind the collection, and the photographer needs to have the right sensibility: if the collection is about 1920s, jazz & night, the photographer should be able to shoot in this mood, and also research this vibe in the archives to get into the right aesthetics.

Can you name some well-known people who inspire you and whom you would like to be compared with?

G. Z.: I don’t want to be compared to anyone, but in fashion, I respect a lot the work of Martin Margiela for his purity, Thierry Mugler with whom I worked, Azzedine Alaia who I was lucky to meet many years ago. But it’s not about the fame — I’m inspired by all the people who are strong and who have personality. I also admire the normal people who love what they do, people from the streets — like those who love to cook, or carve wood, or do some construction works for my house. In Italy the hands of people represent real value. We respect expertise and tradition. Simple values of real life: this is where I jump when I’m exhausted by the fashion system.

Which superpower you would like to have?

G. Z.: My superpower would be going to the past with time machine and see the world which was less contaminated than now: the sky was wider, the water purer. We need to educate the population to respect more this crazy planet, and use this lesson that life is giving us now in order to learn something. Using this superpower, I would travel to Rome, Lisbon, Beijing, but also all the small cities of Italy, which are all precious with their castles of XI century. Here in Italy we have 3 000 years of history behind us: the Romans, the Etruscans, we have them in our blood. And, of course, I would take my mobile phone with me and come back with lots of pictures!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

What’s your favourite place in the world?

My living room! When I’m tired after work trips (Milan – New York – Miami –Milan – Rome, etc), I adore being back to my living room, to and my dog, the remote control and a glass of Nebbiolo or pinot noir wine.

Could you describe your brand in terms of values?

G. Z.: Giuseppe Zanotti has good and bad things about it, like all the other brands. The bad, for me, is having too many ideas: I would like to be more edited! The good thing is that we really think a lot about adapting the design to the needs of a woman, trying to give also the comfort when she’s wearing 10 cm of stilettos. We engineer our shoes to give the pleasure of wearing, good shape and stability. Also, my shoes do last!

I can prove it: I bought my first pair of your shoes about 5 years ago, and they still look like new. This is also very sustainable: shoes that last become a good investment.

G. Z.: Yes, I was always thinking that fashion shouldn’t be about throwing your money into a garbage bin. It’s interesting that nowadays I often see my shoes of 20 years ago in vintages stores. And I buy them, to have them in my archives, to learn from the crazy and ambitious ideas that I had in those times.

What is the best piece of advice one can receive in the fashion world?

G. Z.: Keep calm, relax. In fashion everything is fast and furious; everyone wants the things be done immediately. And also people often dream about working in the fashion sphere to get the taste of this privileged world with its atmosphere of luxury. And it’s a wrong approach. To work in fashion, you need to learn seriously: study materials, colours, stones. You need to be experienced. In fashion, you should work with passion and patience.

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3 recipes for better home office organisation

It’s hard to admit but the summer is over … and we are back to school and work. As far as we are the kids of 21st century, life is good and permits us work literally everywhere, your home is included. Sparkle your working life at home with these 5  easy tricks. Whether you have a small closet space in your rental apartment or an entire room to redecorate, you’ll find some cool tips to get organized and boost productivity.


Тяжело признать, но лето закончилось… и мы возвращаемся в школу и на работу. Поскольку мы – дети 21-го века, жизнь хороша и разрешает нам трудится  буквально везде, включая ваш дом. Добавьте искры в свою рабочую жизнь дома с этими 5 легкими  уловками. Есть ли у вас есть маленькое пространство для шкафа в квартире в аренду или вся комната, для ремонта, вы найдете, что некоторые  крутые подсказки для организации и повышения производительности.


think multitasking 

In many homes, the office sometimes doubles as a guest room. Setting up your desk across from the sofa or sofa bed will serve as double duty for TV watching. With that setup, you can either stream movies, host guests, or spend a day working from home. 


думайте мультитаскинг

Во многих домах офис иногда удваивается как гостинная. Поставьте ваш стол напротив дивана или дивана-кровати это будет служить двойной обязанностью для телевизионного наблюдения. С такой установкой Вы можете смотреть фильмы, принимать гостей или провести день, работая из дома.


buid it in 

Not everyone has the luxury of having a full room dedicated to a home office. When dealing with a workspace in an open space, sometimes the best solution is to create a desk space within a built-in storage wall to keep clutter at bay. Another solution is to take over a small closet or cupboard space that you can hide away when not in use.


Стройте внутрь 

Не у всех есть роскошь выделить целую комнату под домашний офис. Имея дело с рабочим пространством в открытом пространстве, иногда лучшее решение состоит в том, чтобы создать рабочее место во встроенной стене хранения, чтобы держать беспорядок в страхе. Другое решение состоит в том, чтобы принять маленький шкаф или пространство шкафа, которое Вы можете скрыть если он не в использовании.


turn the light on 

“Turn on the light, or you’ll hurt your eyes,” said every mother in the world. We all know the importance of adequate lighting in a workspace. During the day, you’ll want your computer screen facing away from a window to avoid the daylight glare. At night, make sure you have a good task lamp so you can burn the midnight oil while keeping your eyesight in check.


включите свет

“Включите свет, или Вы повредите глаза”, говорила каждая мама в мире. Все мы знаем важность соответствующего освещения в рабочем пространстве. В течение дня вы захотите, чтобы  монитор отворачивался от окна и избегал яркого света дневного света. Ночью, удостоверьтесь, что у вас есть хорошая лампа, таким образом, Вы можете работать допоздна, контролируя  зрение.


And for dessert will add one important thing that should be your regular go to. Be inspired ….If you work in a creative field (and if you’re working from home, chances are you do), you know the importance of finding inspiration on a daily basis. Surround yourself with objects and images that get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy 


И на десерт добавлю одну важную вещь, которая должна быть с вами постоянно. Будьте вдохновлены…. Если Вы работаете в творческой области (и если Вы работаете из дома, скорее всего вы так и делаете), Вы знаете важность нахождения вдохновения ежедневно. Окружите себя объектами и изображениями, которые стимулируют ваше течение творческих соков. Enjoy 

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“The dreamers are the saviors of the world.” ~James Allen

Those that dare to dream move the world forward. Everything that’s ever been accomplished by mankind started off as a dream in someone’s mind before it became a reality. That includes the city and country you live in, the house where you reside, and the car that you drive. It’s all thanks to the dreamers out there, and you can be one of them, just as long as you make it a priority to dream and then carry out the visions of your dreams. The real saviours are those that dream and then follow through on their dreams with inspired action.


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front entree on the seat of my pants Milan fashion week

Bonjour my dears! Exactly a week ago i was attending Trussardi show during Milan fashion week. It was well done mix of minimalism and purity of silhouette . Gaia Trussardi said “Let’s call it neo-minimalism” and the delivery was brilliant. Was thinking that if there would be take away service, can go out with couple of outwear with me)))

Svetlana Shashkova attending  trussardi show on mfw

Ok ok ok i shall leave my hungryface on the end and tell you more details about the look i was wearing. It was nude inspired essential wardrobe pieces as vintage plaid nude skirt and Sergio Rossi pumps that i mixed with black cashmere sweater of my beloved Fontana Couture and bezh blanket and ordinary high waisted socks !!!  Yes, it was blanket that i took out from my sofa ❤ Isn’t that beautiful?  

Svetlana Shashkova wearing plaid on mfw

Just a little spice of creativity and  it may arrive to sophistication. Watching the show i got that we are with Gaia on the same seat of the pants. Dominating nude, khaki and all shades of bezh was exactly what i call essentials in closet.

Smiling Svetlana Shashkova in fontana couture

Madam Gaia said that her brown shades in collection was more  as if the woman had jumped inside a chocolate swimming pool from here feet till her head. Must to add that hungry faces show must go on and why not to make a chocolate treatment, ladies ? have amazing women day gorgeous, kisses 

trussardi rtw mfw

Бонжурб дорогие мои! Точно неделю назад я присутствовала на шоу Труссарди во время  Миланской недели моды. Это был хороший микс  минимализма и чистоты силуэта. Гайа Труссарди сказала, “Давайте назовем это нео-минимализмом” и доставка была блестящей. Подумала, что, если был бы сервис одежда на вынос, могла бы выйти с несколькими единицами верхней одежды, со мной)))

svetlana shashkova crossing the street after trussardi show

Хорошо хорошо хорошо, я оставлю свой hungryface на последок и расскажу Вам больше деталей о луке, который я выбрала. Он был вдохновлен телесным цветом, неотъемлемая составляющая гардероба как винтажная  телесная юбка в клетку и лодочки Sergio Rossi, которые я смешала с черным кашемировым свитером любимой Fontana Couture  и бежевым пледом  с обычными высокими носками!!!

Svetlana shashkova street style

Да, это был плед, который я сняла с  дивана ❤  Разве это не прекрасно ? Просто немного креативной приправы и уже может быть изощренно!!! Смотря шоу, я поняла, что  мы с Гайой на той же волне интуитивно. Доминирование телесного, цвета хаки и всех оттенков бежевого было точно,  основой для гардероба. Госпожа Гэйа сказала, что ее коричневые оттенки в коллекции были более подобны эффекту, как будто женщина прыгнула в шоколадный бассейн от ног до головы.

with new friend african king

Должна добавить, что шоу hungry faces  должно продолжиться и почему бы не сделать шоколадный уход лейдис? Удивительного 8го марта великолепные, поцелуи

wearing :

cashmere sweater with a fur of the sleeves Fontana Couture Milano

vintage plaid nude skirt

cashmere blanket Agnona 

Sergio Rossi nude pumps

Sunglax mirror glasses

Jimmie Choo  clutch


Corso Venezia 16, Milan


was very nice to meet this talented girl with an eye to detail

thank you for a picture Nataly 

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Color dancing is something

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Japanese Design Studio Nendo has created a textbook execution of what would it be like to live in a world made from ice cream and cakes. The studio has created miniature villages, inhabited with milk chocolate houses filled with fudge and pieces of caramelized nuts. Each house displays a different rooftop pattern, and is dusted with white chocolate powder, so that the village is nestled gently and quietly in the snow.


The cake villages come in two flavors: a caramel and nut-based cake with milk chocolate houses, and an orange and dried fruit-based cake with berry-scented chocolate houses. Customers who buy more than one cake will receive chocolate bridges. The bridges allow customers to connect several villages to each other, turning the cakes into big villages on the tabletop for large parties. The surface of each cake is designed like an undulating landscape, so that the cakes fit together beautifully regardless of how they’re placed together.


The delectable villages will be sold at the Champs Élysées Häagen-Dazs shop in Paris during the winter festive season to remind people about house holidays. “Christmas is about homecoming, about spending time together with family, so we created a cake that’s a small village, composed of houses clustered closely together,” said the designers. “We thought the winter wonderland scene would emphasize the warmth and cheer inside each home.”

from my side i want to add that this idea is very compatible with idea of hungry faces

cheers to gelato

Японская дизайн студия Нандо книжку выполнения о том как это будет жить в мире из морженого и пирогов. Студия создала миниатюрные поселки, населенные молочным шоколадными домами с выдумкой и кусочками карамелизированых орешков. Каждый дом показывает разный образ кришы и посипан белым шоколадной пудрой, так что поселок выглядит мягко и достаточно в снегу.


Пироговые поселки будут в двух вкусах: карамель и основанный на орехе пирог со зданиями молочного шоколада и апельсиновый и основанный на сухофруктах пирог с ароматизированными ягодой шоколадными зданиями. Покупатели которые купят больше одного пирога получат шоколадные мосты. Мосты позволяют клиентам соединять несколько деревень друг с другом, превращая пироги в большие деревни на столе для больших вечеринок. Поверхность каждого пирога разработана как холмистый пейзаж, так, чтобы пироги совместились красиво независимо от того, как они размещены вместе.

Притягательные деревни будут проданы на Champs Élysées в  магазине Häagen-Dazs в Париже в течение зимнего праздничного сезона, чтобы напомнить людям о домашних праздниках. “Рождество о возвращении домой, о проведении времени вместе с семьей, таким образом, мы создали пирог, как – небольшая деревня, составленная из зданий, сгруппированных близко вместе”, сказали проектировщики. “Мы думали, что зимняя сцена страны чудес подчеркнет теплоту и приветствует в каждом доме”.

 От меня я могу добавить, что эта идея очень соплочена с идеей hungry faces .

Да здравствует мороженое

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