Welcome to HungryFaces

hungryfaces was created in march 2014 by me, Svetlana Shashkova. 


Ukrainian by origin but with mix of native gens. From young years i was involved into fashion and luxury industry like a model, from where I’ve  got all that experience that industry brings. Meanwhile studying i was traveling around the globe discovering new countries, cultures, customs, visions, views … this adventure made me a philosopher . I decided to share my visions trough this web page with YOU. All what will be published here will be enriched with philosophy, fashion, lifestyle, culture, travel , design perspectives of our world realities.


Title ” hungryfaces” was burn suddenly and a develops with the huge landscape in a mind. Did you ever see your hungry face watching the food ?  This is ridiculous how people act. Massive attack – description by 2 words. Extending version of a hunger is a hunger of information, knowledge, shopping, arts, movies, news etc. As far as being hungry is about getting to know new things… lets get started …

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are” by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

“tell me what you wear and i’ll tell you who you are “

very similar right ?

let’s stay hungry & foolish as Steve Jobs said 


Welcome  на  HungryFaces

hungryfaces был создан в марте 2014 года мной, Светланой Шашковой.

Украинка по происхождению, но со смешаными генами. С ранних лет я была вовлечена в индустрию моды и лакшери как модель, откуда и получила навыки и взгляды, которые несет собой индустрия. В тоже время я путешествовала по земному шару познавая новые страны, горизонты и культуры, обычаи и взгляды… это путешествие сделало меня философом. Я решила поделиться некоторыми своими взглядами с ВАМИ. Все , что вы прочитаете здесь будет обагачено философией, маркетингом, модой, lifestyle, travel, дизайном, технологиями, артом и другими перспективами нашего мира.


Название “hungryfaces ” родилось неожиданно и начало стремительно развиваться в голове. Вы когда-то видели свое голодное лицо перед трапезой ?  Это паразительно как люди реагируют. Чувство голода забирает все!  Массовая атака – объяснение в 2х словах. Развивая теорию голода я нашла много других его разновидностей : информационнный, образовательный, познававтельный, эмоциональный, дружеский, шопинг, арт, кино. Так , как быть голодным ведет нас к познанию новых просторов давайте начнем…

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are” by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

“tell me what you wear and i’ll tell you who you are “

very similar right ?

let’s stay hungry & foolish as Steve Jobs said 

25 responses to “About

  1. hi Svet, its good to share such info via blogging. Great job. regards

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  2. Francesco

    Hi Sevtlana, we met yesterday at Radezxky with Angelo.

    I have been glancing through your website and pictures and I find it very intersting, fresh and very… fashion to say the least.

    Even though I don’t know you very well, it is clear from the pictures in your website that you have a good taste to mix different pieces of clothing together. My favourite outfit is the one

    wearing :
    tuxedo dress and shirts all MCQ
    Loafers Stuart Weitzman
    Bottega Veneta bag
    bijoux by Wally Artico Maggiora
    where :
    center of Milan

    But the others are very nice too.. this is more similar to my taste.

    I see you take particularly care of the setting of the photos too, which give to the overall result an extra kicker (the photo on the bridge, in the garden.. very bright contrasts, well done).

    Well done then! Please continue to share your inspirations to women, walking on the streets, I see many of them have a desperate need of help!



  3. Great blog dear!
    Love reading it 🙂


  4. Hello Svetlana,
    Your blog is very interesting.
    Kisses from Auvergne (France).


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  6. Svetlana:
    Thank you for visiting and following Bookshelf — written for people just like you who have an insatiable curiosity about the world. As graphic designer, writer, cinephile, and bibliophile I look at the world, like you, with many lenses. Ultimately, what you learn is that the world is a very big place, however we can all use the humanities (art, design, photography, music, literature, philosophy, etc.) as a way to find the threads that link us together as human beings, occupying one home. And paradoxically, the more you learn, the more you are humbled and realized there is so much to know. Your blog is a fascinating tapestry of so many wonderful and beautiful threads, an inspiration of why exploring the world through the experiences and reflections of others in the blogosphere is so interesting and intrinsically rewarding on our paths to becoming more aware and better human beings. Keep up the great work. Cheers. Alex

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    • Dear Alexander !!! Really appreciating your message here ))) as profound as my vision of life, humans and things around us !!! Thank you for sharing your lenses of life and thoughts ))) let’s walk together through and discover more, as Steve Jobs said stay hungry stay foolish and show must go on ❤️ cheers


  7. Kylie

    I am your instagram’s follow.
    Your fashion is very stylish.
    So I have Tod’s double T crossbody bag.
    Not as pretty as you wearing. haha
    Have a nice day


    • Dear Kylie ! Thank you for follow and comment 😍 very happy that you have also tods double t bag it’s very classy and stylish … hope you will get more inspiration ideas 💡 of caring your purse as from my insta account as from my blog. Kisses and have a nice day too 😘


  8. Hi Svetlana, thanks for dropping by and liking my post.
    Love your blog!

    Blessing to you,


  9. Thank you Svetlana for following our site.
    We are wondering how come to follow our stories written in Greek…?
    Theophanis, admin

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  10. simply beautiful. – tsk


  11. You’re a very fine looking young woman and maybe I should make a drawing / sketch of you, ie., if you don’t mind…


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