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“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” ~ Henry Ford

This is true because your reputation is built on your actions, not what’s in your head as far as your plans. Plans that stay in your head and never see the light of day will never get you to where you want to be, or to a place where you can have a reputation for being a success. Look at the most successful people in the world and how they got their recognition. It’s because of the things they achieved and did, not for what they said they are going to do.


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“The here and now is all we have, and if we play it right it’s all we’ll need.” ~ Ann Richards

The past is only in your head, and the future isn’t here yet, so there’s only one moment that truly matters, and that’s the present moment. No matter what time it is it’s always now, and you have to do the best you can with your now moment because you’ll never get anything else. She’s saying that if you do the best in the now it’s all you’ll ever need because everything else will work itself out. Breath in. Breath out. Go make magic!

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The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

How much are you willing to admit that what you’ve become up until now, and what you will be in the future are because of your decisions. You are deciding who you are with each passing minute, and you can become what you want as long as you decide to do so. Decide is based on the word for cut, and when you decide you are cutting off the other options you have available to you. This means you are accepting nothing less than what you have decided on.

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“Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

It doesn’t matter if others believe you can succeed, or that you will succeed. No one can give you the resolution to succeed except yourself. It’s important to stoke those fires regularly, even daily so that you don’t get into the mentality that you can’t succeed or that failure is an option. Remember that we measure success personally, so that your idea of what it means to succeed is different than other people’s. Follow your own path to your own vision of success and stay the course.

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“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.” – Alexandre Graham Bell

It’s been said before and we will say it again, words without action are nearly meaningless. Sometimes success is only just a few hours away and requires just a little bit more hard work. Quitting, or not taking action in the first place, is a sure sign of failure. You can’t fail if you keep going.

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James

Sometimes what we’re working on doesn’t seem like it matters much, especially when we’re doing things for other people when we’d much rather prefer to be doing things for ourselves. But if you put the sort of effort into everything you do as if it all matters, you’ll find that it does make a difference to your life and your mental state in the form of a better feeling. We all want to feel like we’re making a difference, and this quote is a reminder that we are making a difference, it just might not be as big as we’d like, but over time it can get bigger.

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“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash

The journey can bring you happiness. The first thing is breaking those chains that you’ve put on yourself. Get rid of those restrictions and start reaching for the next level. Before you know it, you’ll be making progress on things you’ve wanted as long as you can remember.

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“I am thankful to all who said no to me. It is because of them that I’m doing it myself.” ~ Albert Einstein

Sometimes no isn’t the answer you want to hear, but there’s a reason for it. Can you imagine being the person that said no to Einstein? Surely they regretted that decision later. The thing is that if you have someone telling you know it could be a sign that you should just do it yourself. Or it could mean that you need to ask someone else. Don’t put a lot of stock in any one person saying yes, just never give up if it’s truly important to you.

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5 Italian Design Furniture Brands I Love

Gucci Décor

Gucci Decor Pineapple jacquard armchair

Some years ago Gucci has launched a line of home decoration objects and furniture designed by Alessandro Michele, and it’s a pure eye candy! Featuring the brand’s iconic motifs, patterns and codes, the line includes trays, cushions, mugs and metal folding tables designed to personalize the home. The capitonné porter’s chair is upholstered in leather or velvet, with a drawer at the bottom—inspired by the high-backed and canopy-covered chairs used in England, and later in 16th–century France. I like the idea of mixing different colors and prints in the most crazy way! 

Несколько лет назад Gucci запустили линейку предметов домашнего декора и мебели, разработанных Алессандро Микеле, и это настоящее удовольствие для глаз! В линию входят подносы, подушки, чашки, кресла, стулья и раскладные столики, созданные с использованием знаковых мотивов, узоров и кодов бренда, которые сделают дом индивидуальным. Мне нравится идея смешивать разные цвета и принты самым безумным образом!


Dimoremilano ‘Privato’ screen

Dimore is a home. An environment to be “lived in”. A series of moments and feelings. A fortunate surprise. An impeccable signature. Famous designer duo Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci decided to launch a separate furniture brand under the name of Dimoremilano in addition to their main Dimorestudio project. The label creates furniture, fabrics and decoration objects realised by Italy’s best traditional artisans and manufacturers. I’m in love with this witty combination of Art Deco style and impeccable craft!

Dimoremilano ‘Lips’ armchair

Dimore – это дом. Среда, в которой нужно «жить». Череда моментов и ощущений. Удачный сюрприз. Известный дизайнерский дуэт Бритта Морана и Эмилиано Салчи решил запустить отдельный мебельный бренд под названием Dimoremilano в дополнение к своему основному проекту Dimorestudio. Под этим названием они создают мебель, ткани и предметы декора, выполненные лучшими традиционными мастерами и производителями Италии. Обожаю это остроумное сочетание стиля ар-деко и безупречного мастерства!

Dimoremilano ‘Cimasa’ cabinet

Armani / Casa

Armani / Casa Passion Coiffeuse

The home brand of Giorgio Armani is the epitome of his signature minimalist luxury blending the past and the contemporary. My favourite pieces from the furniture line so far are those with a subtle retro flair. Like this make up table in a sweet pastel mint shade with a printed textile pouf, or the 1920s ‘Gabrielle’ wardrobe which makes me think about an imaginary Coco Chanel’s apartment.

Armani / Casa Gabriel wardrobe

Домашний бренд Джорджо Армани – воплощение его фирменной роскоши в духе минимализма, сочетающей прошлое и современность. На данный момент мне больше всего нравятся предметы из линейки мебели с утонченной ретро-нотой. Например, этот столик для макияжа нежного пастельно-мятного оттенка с принтованным текстильным пуфом, или шкаф в стиле 1920-х годов «Габриель», который я представляю в воображаемой спальне Коко Шанель.


Kartell K/Wood lounge chair and Kabuki floor lamp

One of the most well-known Italian design brands which became cult for their eco-plastic versions of classic furniture: lamps, armchairs, tables and stools. The transparent Ghost chairs are so recognisable, yet still a deserved must have for every chic home, hotel or restaurant. I adore the light pastel versions to mix them around a dining table. And for the living room, I would go for the new eco-wood lounge chair in Mid-century modern aesthetics.

Kartell Ghost Chair

Один из самых известных итальянских дизайнерских брендов, ставший культовым благодаря своим вариациям классической мебели из эко-пластика: светильников, кресел, столов и табуретов. Прозрачные стулья Ghost невероятно узнаваемы во всем мире, но по-прежнему востребованы в каждом уважающем себя доме, отеле или ресторане, которые заботятся о дизайне. Я обожаю светлые пастельные варианты этих стульев, чтобы поставить сразу несколько оттенков вокруг обеденного стола. А для гостиной я бы выбрала новое кресло для отдыха из эко-дерева в эстетике mid-century modern.


Seletti Comfy sofa and armchair

For any space and any style: just find your own way to show off your personality. This is how Seletti looks at self-expression and the necessity to experiment while being ironic and having fun. Their line of furniture is the best proof of this easy-going philosophy. They are famous for their coffee tables, soft furniture, trays and decoration objects with the most crazy 1950s pin-up style prints in bright colors, created for them by Toiletpaper. And the recent Comfy sofas and armchairs are a pure pleasure to sit in: they are cosy as sitting on the clouds!

Toiletpaper loves Seletti ‘Snake’ table

Для любого помещения и любого стиля: просто найдите свой собственный способ продемонстрировать индивидуальность. Так Seletti смотрит на самовыражение и на необходимость экспериментировать, иронизировать и развлекаться. Их линия мебели – лучшее доказательство этой беззаботной философии. Они известны своими журнальными столиками, мягкой мебелью, подносами и предметами декора с самыми сумасшедшими принтами в стиле пин-ап 1950-х годов в ярких тонах, созданными для них компанией Toiletpaper. А на недавно появившихся диванах и креслах Comfy приятно сидеть: они уютны, словно сидишь на облаках!

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“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.” – John F. Kennedy

Time should be used to work for you. Either you’re using time to get things done, or you are using time to wait for things to develop. Time is a great tool when used effectively, but as it is said here, it is not best to us it as a couch.

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