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Espadrilles: the Hottest Shoe Trend for Summer 2020

Christian Dior

Footwear trends seem to be the most popular topic right now: everyone is preparing to heat the streets after the  long-awaited end of #lockdown. And there’s nothing better than a pair of classic Espadrilles to start the season of freedom! I’m totally in love with these handmade rope shoes originated from Spain. And I’m not alone: it’s Queen Letizia’s, Kate Middleton’s and Gigi Hadid’s favorite option for the warmer days. This year they were at Christian Dior’s runway, which means they are a serious trend for the Summer of 2020.

Christian Dior

Похоже, что обувные тренды сейчас – самая обсуждаемая тема: абсолютно все готовятся к тому, чтобы наконец-то выйти из дома после затяжного карантина. И нет ничего лучше пары классических эспадрилий, чтобы открыть сезон свободы! Лично я сейчас влюблена в эту классическую модель родом из Испании. И я не одинока в своих предпочтениях: это любимая летняя обувь королевы Летиции, Кейт Миддлтон и Джиджи Хадид. В этом году они были на показе Dior, а это означает, что эспадрильи – одна из ключевых тенденций этого лета.



I saw more of flat styles at the fashion shows, but I’m more of a wedge-person when it’s about summer shoes. Nothing can make your legs ;look so slim, elegant and sexy at the same time, as a good pair of platform espadrilles. The lemon Fendi ones are to die for, but a traditional pair of Castañer (they’re made in Spain since 1936) is always a good idea, and the cost only about 100 euros, which is very affordable for this kind of quality.


На показах можно было чаще всего увидеть модели на низком ходу, но лично я предпочитаю танкетку для лета. Ничто не делает ноги такими стройными, элегантными и сексуальными одновременно, как хорошая пара эспадрилий на платформе. Лимонные Fendi – просто мечта, но и пара традиционных Castañer (они сделаны в Spaind с 1936 года) ничем не хуже, а стоят они всего около 100 евро: это очень хорошая цена для такого уровня качества.

Sophia Webster

But I still can’t resist a pair of flat rope sandals inspired by espadrilles, as seen at J.W. Anderson show. They look so comfy, but also bohemian and trendy. Also, a low pair can be mixed perfectly with wide-leg trousers, another Summer 2020 staple. I’m thinking about a democratic pair by Manebi to wear at the seaside.

J.W. Anderson

В то же время я не могу устоять перед парой босоножек без каблука в стиле эспадрилий, как на шоу J.W. Андерсон. Они выглядят такими удобными, но при этом богемными и трендовыми. Кроме того, такую пару можно сочетать с широкими брюками, еще одним мастхэвом лета-2020. Я планирую приобрести опару демократичных Manebi, которую можно носить на берегу моря.

J.W. Anderson




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My Interview with Giuseppe Zanotti: Creator of the Sexiest Shoes on Earth

Giuseppe, can you describe your designing process: from an idea to the creation of a shoe?

G. Z.: My favourite way is to start from a simple sketch. I would take an empty paper. It’s very important, a white piece of paper. Your ambition is to realize something on it — whatever. And you design a line, simple line (Giuseppe takes a pencil and draws a shape of a high heel shoe).

Beautiful, you’ve made it in five seconds!

G. Z.: It’s not a technical sketch, it’s just a line. And you know that after 2 hours you can always add something to it: metal, or flowers, or diamonds, or nothing. Or you can do a flat version of the same shoe. So this is the first exercise: to put your ideas onto a white paper. Then you need to write a story for your shoe, like for a movie, to insert it to the whole marketing strategy. And then the realization begins: you need to find materials, shape it, develop first prototypes, cut the leather, do the stitching and then correct it with scissors in hand made mode. And then, if your blood becomes worn by people, then it’s a good shoe. If not, it’s just garbage!

Do you have some hobby apart from your work, like sports, art, hunting?

G. Z.: I’m a bit allergic to sports. I even don’t care about football too much, unlike the majority of Italians. Sometimes I exercise though, about 2 times a week, but it’s always a torture for me, and my coach is my enemy who wants to kill me because I’m cancelling my appointments all the time! I do like art, and I visit lots of museums while travelling for work. I’m inspired by the past and history. I’m collecting contemporary and photography. I also like nature: at home, I have an organic biological garden with cucumbers, watermelons, salad, eggplants and olive trees to produce my own oil. I’m happy when I’m close to nature and animals.

Do you think that photography is real art? Who are your favourite photographers?

G. Z.: I think that photography is a unique medium to catch the atmosphere, the soul, the blood. A good photo should stay with me like a friend, I like having it at home to find inspiration in it all the time. But I don’t appreciate something too strong or too raw. For me, Helmut Newton was a great artist; I find lots of power of women and love in his work. I admire Richard Avedon for elegance as well. I also enjoy a lot the work of my friends who are famous Italian photographers, like Maurizio Galimberti and Carlo Benvenuto.

How do you choose photographers for your ad campaigns?

G. Z.: First of all, they need to capture what your product represents, to render the mood and the idea of the collection. Creating an ad campaign or a look book, it’s always about teamwork. You should have a good art director and stylist to transmit the concept behind the collection, and the photographer needs to have the right sensibility: if the collection is about 1920s, jazz & night, the photographer should be able to shoot in this mood, and also research this vibe in the archives to get into the right aesthetics.

Can you name some well-known people who inspire you and whom you would like to be compared with?

G. Z.: I don’t want to be compared to anyone, but in fashion, I respect a lot the work of Martin Margiela for his purity, Thierry Mugler with whom I worked, Azzedine Alaia who I was lucky to meet many years ago. But it’s not about the fame — I’m inspired by all the people who are strong and who have personality. I also admire the normal people who love what they do, people from the streets — like those who love to cook, or carve wood, or do some construction works for my house. In Italy the hands of people represent real value. We respect expertise and tradition. Simple values of real life: this is where I jump when I’m exhausted by the fashion system.

Which superpower you would like to have?

G. Z.: My superpower would be going to the past with time machine and see the world which was less contaminated than now: the sky was wider, the water purer. We need to educate the population to respect more this crazy planet, and use this lesson that life is giving us now in order to learn something. Using this superpower, I would travel to Rome, Lisbon, Beijing, but also all the small cities of Italy, which are all precious with their castles of XI century. Here in Italy we have 3 000 years of history behind us: the Romans, the Etruscans, we have them in our blood. And, of course, I would take my mobile phone with me and come back with lots of pictures!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My living room! When I’m tired after work trips (Milan – New York – Miami –Milan – Rome, etc), I adore being back to my living room, to and my dog, the remote control and a glass of Nebbiolo or pinot noir wine.

Could you describe your brand in terms of values?

G. Z.: Giuseppe Zanotti has good and bad things about it, like all the other brands. The bad, for me, is having too many ideas: I would like to be more edited! The good thing is that we really think a lot about adapting the design to the needs of a woman, trying to give also the comfort when she’s wearing 10 cm of stilettos. We engineer our shoes to give the pleasure of wearing, good shape and stability. Also, my shoes do last!

I can prove it: I bought my first pair of your shoes about 5 years ago, and they still look like new. This is also very sustainable: shoes that last become a good investment.

G. Z.: Yes, I was always thinking that fashion shouldn’t be about throwing your money into a garbage bin. It’s interesting that nowadays I often see my shoes of 20 years ago in vintages stores. And I buy them, to have them in my archives, to learn from the crazy and ambitious ideas that I had in those times.

What is the best piece of advice one can receive in the fashion world?

G. Z.: Keep calm, relax. In fashion everything is fast and furious; everyone wants the things be done immediately. And also people often dream about working in the fashion sphere to get the taste of this privileged world with its atmosphere of luxury. And it’s a wrong approach. To work in fashion, you need to learn seriously: study materials, colours, stones. You need to be experienced. In fashion, you should work with passion and patience.

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What I Wore at Paris Fashion Week FW 20/21

This fashion week in Paris has been busier than ever: as contributing stylist of l’Officiel Austria, I was invited to the shows of my favorite designers. I’ve chosen the look above for Haider Ackermann: love this combination of a kitschy fringe skirt, which I though above a pair of jeans, and sober shirt & jacket.

Эта неделя моды в Париже была для меня суперактивной: будучи контрибьютором l’Officiel Австрия я получила приглашения на показы всех моих любимых дизайнеров. Лук выше я выбрала для шоу Haider Ackermann – обожаю эту комбинацию китчевой юбки-бахромы, которую я надела поверх джинсов, и строгих рубашки с жакетом.

I’ve also attended lots of re-sees, which means exploring the collection shown in detail exclusively fashion insiders at the showrooms of the brands. As for Celine’s showroom, I’ve opted for a blue jean with a trendy bustier top and a furry-looking feather jacket. This look is all about details, as my open-toe booties and a pair of nerd glasses with lenses.

Я также посетила массу ре-си – это пересмотр коллекций в деталях, который модные бренды устраивают для инсайдеров мира моды в своих шоурумах. Для шоурума Celine я сделала ставку на классические голубые джинсы, трендовый топ-бюстье и мой любимый жакет из перьев, который напоминает меховый. Этот образ – по детали: как мои ботильоны с открытым носом и очки-авиаторы с линзами, которые делают наряд еще сексуальнее.

I’ve created one more look based on the same feather jacket: it was a rock-n-rollish mix of feathers, a khaki blouse and cropped flared pants. This time I went heel-free, opting for snake-print loafers. I wore this look for Redemption fashion show, Mugler and Alexandre Vauthier showrooms.

На основе того же самого жакета я создала еще один лук: рок-н-ролльный микс перьев, блузы цвета хаки и укороченных расклешенных брюк. На этот раз я решила обойтись без каблуков и надела лоферы со змеиным принтом. В этом наряде я появилась на показе Redemption и в шоу-румах Mugler и Alexandre Vauthier.

For Rochas fashion show I chose a typical Parisian outfit: skinny jeans, a short-collar jacket and low heel booties. I added some golden and animal prints just as French girls do.

Для показа Rochas я выбрала типично парижский наряд: узкие джинсы, жакет с коротким воротником и леопардовые ботильоны на низкой шпильке. Аксессуары в золотой текстуре или с животным принтом – любимый модный прием француженок.

At Hermès showroom everyone was asking me about my checked skirt. It’s because there was a literally similar one in the fashion house’s autumn collection. What can I say, I’m really able to predict trends!

В шоуруме Hermès все только и спрашивали, что о моей юбке в клетку – дело в том, что практически такая же была в осенне-зимней коллекции модного Дома. Да уж, я действительно умею предугадывать тренды!

This one was one of my favorite looks of all during the fashion week. And it was so photographed by street style reporters! I’m proud of this styling solution that I found for the early spring in Paris: a light trench worn over a leather biker jacket. I’ve added a Parisian beret and topped the look with zebra-print sneakers and clutch. Dressed like this I’ve visited Ann Demeulemeester show and Roger Vivier’s Sensorama Presentation. And it was fabulous!

Этот образ стал одним из моих самых любимых за всю Неделю моды. И его очень много фотографировали стрит-стайл репортеры! Я горжусь стайлинг-идеей, которая пришла мне в голову по случаю ранней весны: надеть легкий тренч поверх кожаной байкерской косухи. Я добавила парижский берет и аксессуары с принтом-зеброй. В этом наряде я посетила показ Ann Demeulemeester и презентацию Sensorama бренда Roger Vivier. Это было прекрасно!

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Love, want, need: seasonal knittings

Hello sweets! Hope you didn’t get to much cold during those December days, but the struggle is real… Proved by me in Milan. Sounds ridiculous, cos Northern Italy not the coldest place on earth, don’t know how people live in Siberia though. Anyone alive there?)

anteprima knit dress

Luckily there is always a way to layer up in cabbage mode and latest fashion trends are helping.  Focus on full-on knit dressing and outfits. It’s comfortable and pretty much impossible to style poorly. It’s also very sleek-looking, lengthening and flattering to the figure. Try it)

seasanal knitings with svetlana shashkova

Чао мои сладкие! Надеюсь что вы не очень замерзли в эти декабрьские дни, но борьба реальна… Доказано на личном опыте в Милане. Это забавно, потому как Северная Италия не самое холодное место на земле, не знаю, как люди живут в Сибири. Кто-то есть живой в тех краях?)

knit dress open back

К счастью всегда есть способ укрыться слоями одежды как капуста и последние модные тенденции помогают. Фокус на цельные вязаные платья и одежду. Это удобно и в значительной степени невозможно стилизовать плохо. Также выглядит с лоском, удлиняя и украшая фигуру. Попробуйте)


Anteprima knit dress

tezenis collant

Gianvito Rossi ankle boots


Milan, Brera



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3 standout sandals for hot summer

If there is something that I can guarantee as a good investment is a good pair of sandals to live in every summer. Yes, i am talking about flat ones and easy breezy pieces that good for town and for sea voyage)


wear those jeweled Giuseppe Zanotti and feel like in Venice Beach everywehere 

Though a simple thongs will come with a high price tag, you are sure to get your money worth , cos they will last you forever and will go with every summery look !!! (if you will treat them good) 


From the classic cutoffs beachy look to romantic dresses,  you can wear these sandals everywhere. Follow my instagram and see how many ensembles i will do with them. Enjoy 


sparkling day and night cos why not ? find those hotties at Rene Caovilla 

Eсли есть что-то, что я могу гарантировать, как хорошую инвестицию так это хорошая пара сандалий, для жизни каждым летом. Да, я говорю о плоских и освежающих сандалиях, подходящих для города и для морского отдыха)


classics are always good idea, find those babies at Chanel 

Хотя простые босоножки -сланцы высокой ценовой категории, несомненно, вы получите денежную ценность, потому что они будут служить вечность и пойдут с каждым летним образом !!! (если будете за ними ухаживать )


От классического пляжного образа с шортами  к романтичным платьям, вы можете носить эти сандалии везде. Следите за моим Instagram и смотрите, сколько ансамблей сделаю я. Enjoy 

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