“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


Our daily habits is what ultimately makes us who we are. If you do everything with excellence, you will reach excellence. If you do everything with mediocrity, you will become a mediocre person. The choice and the act is up to you.


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4 responses to ““We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

  1. judeitakali

    Excellent advice 🙂😉


  2. It’s true. One must develop a lifestyle around who they say they are, not merely keep speaking on it, or act one or twice on it to not do it, again. It is habitual. For one, I’ve embedded principles in my mind that are based around devotion to all things I hold dear, because I resent a world that finds only use in things that will have limited duration. I’ve even created this blog around what I believe love to represent, which is eternity. It is a habit that I have created for myself. Though… I realize that sometimes not being able to let go, can create personal consequences only felt by myself, because like I said, these are principles I have embedded only in myself.

    I recall what Victor Hugo said, “To die of love, is to have lived by it.” How many times do I say to myself that I want to end my own life, comprehending what I lost? I lost her… and my principles and habits keep me only half-whole, these days.

    An excellence? Hmm… and though I hold onto a memory, my heart only ever beats with a fury for what could have been, when it never was meant to be.

    I love, as that is what my blog is based on. 1,000 poems have been written in a little over a year. 1,000 poems in 13 months, I have written, and is that excellence, a testament to who I am? As I love, I am fulfilled. As I lose what is precious, I feel depression and rage.

    Excellence is a habit, as Aristotle wrote. Though, I am a lover who has lost his queen, and feels pain. If what I excel at, is to love, then it will be a forever pain…

    If what I feel depressed and wrathful for, is a world without love, then it is only based on something I feel within myself.


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