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kingdom of freedom

On the border of the country where i was going was the men checking the documents and visas. He asks me intelligently couple of questions and then ask me to wait. Minutes was passing very slowly i was hearing my heart bit and every breath i took.  Why i was worry so much? Guess its a question of freedom action and possibilities .
 It was in London airport – the timeless kingdom state. From there was going many trains cars and many different people from all the world. When i got to down town, all was inspiring in a geometric progression: new country, new city, new culture, architecture, people…. and me … pretty good known. The air was sweet and fresh and the lights which were prepared for the celebration time was bringing me in fairy tale. Probably i felt myself like an in dream home town. New for me and full of strangers. From that moment i start  acquaintance with new side of me. Its marvellous what do this new things and events in a life! Seems like a newborn baby start to discover the world from a new list of paper.
 People i meet, places i visit , style of people on the streets, different languages, shopping sales rush all was completed with amazing contrast of calm silence and elegance of architecture. The only thing that was annoying  – eternal raining. All this together was giving me a spirit of freedom and choice of possibilities. After realising this i was asking myself a question: why i was feeling like this exactly here?
Guess coz people are equal, its hard to find difference in classes so on. In my home town, country its completely other story… so many pour citizen living and working in a country which stealing money from its budget. Deep inside i wish to change reality of Ukraine for a better standards. Freedom to talk, to choose, to live, to earn, to create and to develop.


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