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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi

It’s easy to get frustrated by all the violence and pain being experienced around the world, and even easier to feel helpless about it. But rather than sitting around waiting for the world to change, it’s better to start making changes within your own sphere of influence.


The theory behind this quote is that if everyone tended to their own selves the world would be the way we all want it to be. What can you do today that would help make the world around you a better place? By making the changes you wish the world would make you instantly and automatically make the world better.

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Beautiful, enchanting landscape of New Zealand national parks

Хоть Новая Зеландия и небольшая страна, природа там отличается огромным разнообразием и уникальностью. Новозеландцы давно поняли это и не перестают снова и снова восхищаться природой страны и передавать свое восхищение всем приезжим. К родной природе в Новой Зеландии принято относиться с трепетной аккуратностью, которую проявляют как государственные структуры, так и простые граждане. 
Природа щедро одарила красотой Новую Зеландию, но пейзажи Фьордленда — самое прекрасное, что можно увидеть в этом сказочном краю, а может быть, и на всей нашей планете!!!! Также причудливые но невероятно красивые Пенкейк рокс в Папароа не оставят вас равнодушными. Экстраординарные цветные контрасты, очаровательный пейзаж!!! Больше расскажут фотографии…  Наслаждайтесь и вдохновляйтесь 

Crater Lake, Mt Ruapehu, Tongariro World Heritage National Park, North Island, New Zealand abel-tasman-national-park_9102_600x450 aerials-fiordland-new-zealand_9103_600x450 Birds-and-crashing-waves-of-Tasman-Sea-at-Pancake-Rocks-New-Zealand doubtful-sound-dolphins_9105_600x450 fiordland-national-park_9106_600x450 Great-scene-of-Pancake-Rocks-Punakaiki-West-Coast-of-New-Zealand Long-exposure-Pancake-Rocks-Punakaiki-West-Coast-South-Island-New-Zealand Church of the Good Shepherd, South Island Paparoa-National-Park-made-famous-by-Pancake-Rocks-Punakaiki Punakaiki  PUNAKAIKI-PANCAKES-ROCKS-NEW-ZEALAND Punakaiki-Rocks-on-the-West-Coast-New-Zealand

Though New Zealand is a small country, the nature differs in a huge variety and uniqueness there. New Zealanders understood it long time ago and don’t cease to admire again and again the nature of the country and to transfer this admiration to all visitors. In New Zealand it used to treat the native nature with trembling accuracy which is shown by both government institutions, and simple citizens.
The nature generously endowed New Zealand with a beauty , but Fyordlend’s landscapes — the finest that it is possible to see in this fairy land or maybe on all our planet!!! Also bizarre but incredibly beautiful Pancake rocks in Paparoa won’t leave you indifferent. Extraordinary color contrasts, charming landscape!!! Photos will tell you more… Enjoy and get inspired


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