You Won’t Believe They Really Exist,35 Buildings With Unusual Structures

there so much more to discover …

Shining Star

1. The Basket Building (Ohio, USA)unusual_amazing_buildings (34)

2. Rotating Tower (Dubai, UAE)

unusual_amazing_buildings (33)

3. Dancing House (Prague, Czech Republic)

unusual_amazing_buildings (32)

4. Eden Project (Cornwall, UK)

unusual_amazing_buildings (31)

5. Conch Shell House (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

unusual_amazing_buildings (30)

6. Seattle Central Library (Seattle, USA)

unusual_amazing_buildings (29)

7. The Gherkin Building (London, UK)

unusual_amazing_buildings (28)

8. Upside Down House (Szymbark, Poland)

unusual_amazing_buildings (27)

9. China Central Television Headquarters (Beijing, China)

unusual_amazing_buildings (26)

10. Low Impact Woodland House (Wales, UK)

unusual_amazing_buildings (25)

11. The National Stadium (Beijing, China)

unusual_amazing_buildings (24)

12. The Church of Hallgrimur (Reykjavik, Iceland)

unusual_amazing_buildings (23)

13. Air Force Academy Chapel (Colorado, USA)

unusual_amazing_buildings (22)

14. Waldspirale (Darmstadt, Germany)

unusual_amazing_buildings (21)

15. Experience Music Project (Seattle, USA)

unusual_amazing_buildings (20)

16. Montreal Biosphere (Montreal, Canada)

unusual_amazing_buildings (19)

17. Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, USA)

unusual_amazing_buildings (18)

18. Stone House (Guimaraes, Portugal)

unusual_amazing_buildings (17)

19. Kunsthaus Graz (Graz, Austria)

unusual_amazing_buildings (16)

20. Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)

unusual_amazing_buildings (14)

21. Museum of Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

unusual_amazing_buildings (13)

22. Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada)

unusual_amazing_buildings (11)

23. House Attack (Vienna, Austria)

unusual_amazing_buildings (10)

24. Snail House (Sofia, Bulgaria)

unusual_amazing_buildings (9)

25. National Theater (Beijing, China)

unusual_amazing_buildings (8)


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