modelling of mind

Once you will meet yourself at the moment when there is a question: who are you ?

Consciousness brings me to this question before new year and all this celebrating rush, when i was planing goals for a coming year.
From young years i was involved in modelling industry like a model, continuing till now.

Meanwhile my family education was telling to focus on the most important in life – education. So i was studying and working as a model on a hobby base. Model world was opening a doors with the bright lights and seducing perspectives in the beginning.  Was feeling myself a skyscraper there. Hard competition times was telling that is not forever and chance to become someone big in this plastic surrounding is eternal starving work. So i decided to dedicate my teenage years in fighting order to get some capital from there for a future projects in life. With the years wisdom opened eyes: special things got a special approach and special opportunities, so the search within was burning like volcano .
And suddenly, question arrives and knocks… i was turned to the basic. what is the model is? what it brings by itself and so on? who creates requirement in this world? I start to do a search in google about.

results was incredible :

Model (and modeling or modelling) may refer to:


Human models[edit]

  • Model (art), an art model
  • Model (profession), a person employed to display his or her looks or something such as a commercial product
  • Fetish model, a model who wears the clothing and/or devices of sexual fetishes
  • Promotional model, a person who interacts with consumers to draw attention to and often inform them about a product
  • Role model, a person who serves as a behavioural or moral example to others


after this discovery my shock was hard to explain, as fare as i not dedicating myself to one of all this quotes writing above in official wikipedia page, couldn’t tell what is it? who am i ?
considering that  i took some physical and not physical pictures in example
Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic 1936 года,

this is a beautiful model of the car

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic 1936

clothing model
this is model of the clothing
fashion show
and this is models on fashion show

Only one from all this models i can attach with my personality: model of behaviour. The rest its more like example of beauty, skills, look, way of dressing, talking, explaining …

Probably the borders not only countries have , but also laws and rules. The main is a fitting point in it. If its not fitting no matter what is it, how much it cost, where it from, who made it and wearing it.
Unfortunately or fortunately nowadays fitting point in this world: skinny men like kind body without some appropriate female shape. Who and why create this fake fashion beauty have no idea, but for sure for a reason. Reason a beauty of course . When there is a beautiful women wearing a beautiful cloth on what u will put your attention at the 1st sight? Please be honest with yourself ! No doubts the lady will catch your eyes and after what she is wearing… So its transparent strategy of sales.
But very stupid from my side. If to trust Darwin  theory,  homo sapiens takes its evolution from a monkey. Monkey like to repeat what you are doing, without thinking. I saw lot lot of people who are doing the same, don’t u ?
So when the real beauty shows – people want to follow, be like that.
In the root of all that i am saying that model of women should be look like a women first, should have a beautiful curves shape, not just bones.

As a conservator type also would mention the the real beauty called elegance, within our time bodies. All together mades beauty by its self that can bring light to the others.

100 % agree with Coco Chanel

“Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside.”

At the end must to add the phrase of Johnny Depp ” There is nobody who will be interesting in you if u have only appearance

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